2 1/2 years old

Daddy's Birthday


Today is Ethan and Ivy's Daddy's birthday, and we're celebrating on our holiday in Cornwall! Ethan absolutely loves birthdays, so there is no option but to go all out (even if someone doesn't like to make a big fuss of their birthday!) Ethan always insists that there is a cake with candles, and of course he loves helping to open the cards and presents!

We bought Daddy a few presents, and Ethan made him some family portraits. I found 4 cute little magnetic photo frames and Ethan drew a picture of each of us and we put it in the frame together.  As he drew I prompted him by naming things he could draw (eyes, nose, hands, etc) They make look just like squiggles to some, but I know he put his heart into drawing each of us perfectly. We had a lovely day celebrating today, Ethan certainly had fun, hopefully his Daddy did too! 

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