2 1/2 years old

Making a Beach Hut


We are still inspired from our trip to Cornwall, so today we made a beach hut for Ethan to put his people in.  Another great opportunity for Ethan to express his creativity.  

I found a medium sized flat box (I used one from Ethan's favourite Yo Yo snacks) and cut out some double doors.  Then I cut out strips of blue and white paper and a triangle shape for the roof.  Ethan covered the box with glue and we stuck the strips of paper on together (I cut through the middle of the strip after each one that we stuck over the doors.)  The last thing that we did was stick on the roof.  Such a simple craft, but it looks so cute and Ethan loves filling it up with his little toy people and having them play in and around their beach hut.

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  1. How cool is that beach hut?! Thanks for joining in #GetYourCraftOn


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