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Moving Day Survival Kits for a Baby and a Toddler


Recently a good friend and her two adorable children moved away. A very sad occasion as we met through NCT and our boys have basically been playing together since birth, and they've since had a little girl a few months older than Ivy. Of course we'll still see them, just not as much, and they will be missed. We wanted to do something nice for them before they left, and thinking about how tricky it can be to move with kids, I decided to make them some 'survival kits' for moving day.

For their little boy I found a cute drawstring backpack and filled it with:

  • a reading book
  • a sticker book
  • a colouring book
  • a toy plane to put together
  • a toy car
  • a snack
  • a smoothie
For their baby girl I found a cute pink drawstring bag and filled it with:
  • a board book that rattles
  • a teething toy
  • a links toy (so that she could have toys hanging above her in the car seat)
  • a soft toy
  • a puree pouch
I have thought of a few things since then that I could have included, a ball for their little boy, a squeaky toy for their baby girl...maybe an iPad if I were a very wealthy friend!  (Ethan was kept busy all day on our moving day by giving him the iPad, a bit of a cheat but it really worked!) 

It would have been nice to make a survival kit for the parents as well, that could have included tea, nurophen, chocolate and wine...what else would they need?

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  1. Good idea! We move house a lot (can't wait until we buy our own place!) and always stock up on stuff like this before we do. And YES to the moving kit for parents! Ours would be beer, snacks and a beanbag!


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