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Toddler Made Christmas Decorations


Is there anything sweeter than a Christmas tree filled with decorations made by the kids?  I look forward to filling the tree with their creations as they change and grow over the years.  But I'm pretty sure that these decorations made during their toddler years will always be some of my favourites.

We started with a box of craft supplies sent to us from Bostik, including their glitter glue pens, a clear glue stick and lots of pom poms and other bits to stick on.  The kids couldn't wait to dive in and get crafting!

The simplest way to begin was to give each of the children one of the foam shapes to decorate.  Ivy chose the wreath shape and Ethan chose the tree.  They were both very excited to try out the glitter glue so that's what they both went for first.  Ivy needed a bit of help to squeeze the glue out, but was so happy to see it come out all shiny and glittery!

Ethan stuck gems onto his glitter glue straight away, then went for the clear glue to stick on some other bits.  He chose the lolly sticks and a nice piece of ribbon to spruce up his tree decoration.

Ivy loved the clear glue pen as well, she put glue all over her wreath.  She is just happy to put glue everywhere.  The squeezing of the different types of glue bottles is great for strengthening the muscles in her hands.

Next she chose some pom poms and some ivy leaves to stick onto her wreath.  I love the way that she just picks things up and puts them all over the place, often all in the same area on top of each other.  

Then we left our creations to dry overnight, and next we'll just put a small hole in the top to put a string to and then they will be ready to hang on our Christmas tree!  On the back I will write their name and the year, and I'll print out a photo of each of them making their crafts to stick on the back as well.

* This is a review post, we were sent a box of craft supplies from Bostik in order to create some Christmas crafts for this post.*

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