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Christmas Story Basket


Today is the first day of our 12 Books of Christmas, so Ethan and Ivy get to open the first of their 12 books from tonight right up until Christmas Eve.  I like to include a book about the first Christmas to teach them the real meaning of Christmas, but as we already have a few different versions from past years this year we've been reading it already and playing our way through the story.

I set up a really simple story basket with a copy of The First Christmas as well as this sweet wooden nativity set (here's a similar one) so that the children could get a real understanding of the story by using the little people to act it out.  Ethan and Ivy both love this little set and seem to understand that it is something quite special.  We've had lots of fun reading through the story and showing the journey of all the important people.  It's a great way of making the story fun and accessible for young children.

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