New Year's Eve Traditions with Kids


New Year's Eve often gets overshadowed by Christmas, but it is such a fun occasion to celebrate with children that we're making sure that we are prepared this year!  

Of course we also love to listen to our favourite songs of the year and have a wild dance party!  This year that will probably be the Frozen soundtrack and the songs from The Three Little Pigs.

We love making crafts, so the first way we start preparing is with firework crafts and anything shiny and sparkly to commemorate this special day.  We've made Paper Plate Fireworks, Ringing Bells, Glowing Rocket Fireworks, Star Shaped Stained Glass Window DecorationsFirework Pictures, Pie Tin Fireworks and Foil Fireworks.

Next we have some special food, we've always got lots of yummy treats left over from Christmas, and for the rest we just turn to our trusty star shaped cookie cutter to turn everything from pancakes to sandwiches into stars and add any sparkle that we can find!  We've also made some New Year's Eve smoothies for a healthy boost to our day!

We love sensory play and exploring anything that lights up or glows in the dark!  So we've been playing with our Firework Play Dough, our New Years Eve Sensory Bin as well as working on a new version of this glowing sensory bin.

Because Ethan and Ivy are still very young, they definitely won't be staying up until midnight to ring in the new year, so we celebrate with Australia instead!  As they're 11 hours ahead of us it's perfect timing, straight after lunch we set up the computer to watch live streaming of the Sydney countdown and fireworks show, the kids get to throw confetti and make lots of noise and still go to bed on time!  It looks like you can also watch the New York countdown live streaming, so if that works out better from where you are then that's a definite option.

Then when it's all said and done we like to reflect on our year by thinking about all the fun that we've had, we draw pictures and the kids tell me what to write on their 'Year in Review' sheets.

Happy New Year!!!

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