1 year old

Snowflake Paper Chains


We are still decorating the house for Christmas and love a wintry theme with snowflakes everywhere.  We were making some paper chains the other day and I decided it might be fun to try adding a little something extra to them, and they look so cute!

We started with lots and lots of strips of paper with a Christmas pattern on them which we alternated and stuck together to make paper chains as usual.

Then after putting a few together as usual we would then make a snowflake shape by gluing in the middle of each piece of paper and stacking them on top of each other, just like you're making a craft stick snowflake.

Then once your snowflake shape is complete you take the top piece and loop it around to attach it to the last loop in your paper chain.  Then you can continue on from there or have that as the last link in the chain.

These are so simple to make but they look really lovely and they're a great activity for the kids as they can work on patterns and sequencing, on fine motor skills in looping the strips of paper and in placing the paper in a snowflake pattern.  It can also keep them busy for ages while you're getting on with the rest of the Christmas preparation.

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