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Christmas Gifts for a Four Year Old


Every year it gets more difficult to find gifts for Ethan because he has so many toys already, and he absolutely loves gifts to do with his favourite characters which is great, but I would like a variety of things of under the tree so we've had a real search around and this is what we've found.

To begin with, Ethan has asked Santa Claus for some Paw Patrol toys, so of course I can't argue with what Santa brings!  I am sure that Ethan will be finding these Action Pups under the tree and he will be very excited about them!

He will also be opening these Kozi Kidz CuddleBear Fleece Jacket and CuddleBear Fleece Bottoms, I know that it's hard to get excited about clothes at this age, but this fleece represents fun outside in the winter, and that is something to get excited about!  This set is going to keep Ethan nice and warm while we're going out on our adventures in the woods.

Then for a healthy treat Ethan will be getting this Organix Christmas Selection Box of yummy snacks that includes healthy bars, biscuits and crisps.  It will be the perfect thing for Ethan to munch on to give him energy to get through the rest of his gifts!

Ethan is going to absolutely love this Garage Play Tent from Peach Perfect.  Not only is it a fun tent to play in, it's also got a car mat on the base so it can be used in multiple ways.  I can already see Ethan bringing a load of his little cars in there to zoom around as well as using it for imaginative play and pretending to fix some of his larger cars.  This is the perfect rainy and cold day toy as it can keep him busy indoors for ages.

This Galt Robo Maze Game is definitely going to get Ethan very excited.  It is intended for children from 6 years old and up, but I just know that he is going to love it.  I'm always looking for more science related games and activities for him as he loves his lab set and microscope so much, so this robot game that will teach him about electricity and circuits is the perfect game for him.

These Child Safe Headphones from Go Travel are definitely going to come in handy when we're travelling.  We've been going on quite a few long car drives and other trips lately and we're often handing Ethan a phone or tablet to keep him occupied so these headphones will be perfect as we'll know that he's listening at a safe volume level and with headphones that are comfortable for him.

Another great item from Go Travel that Ethan will be opening is this Night Glow Froggy which will also be perfect for when we travel as it will be a nice light for on the go when he's looking for things in the car or on the plane and just needs a little bit of light.  It will also be great in hotel rooms and unfamiliar places that we stay overnight so that he can easily just reach out for it if he needs to get up for any reason.  And it's just cute and cuddly so I think he'll love playing with it.

Finally Ethan will be getting the ee Robin Tablet for kids.  It is a proper kids tablet and comes loaded with loads of games for kids and Hopster tv so he can watch his favourite shows.  It's a great first tablet for kids as I'll be able to set it up for as long as I would like him to use it and choose which games and educational apps he can use.  I think it will be a great addition to our trips as well as a useful tool for learning.

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* This is a review post and also contains affiliate links, we were sent the fleeces, selection box, play tent, robot game, headphones, glow toy and Robin tablet so that we could review them and write our honest opinions about them.*

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