1 year old

Snowflake Wands


For a little bit of winter sparkle and fun we made these Snowflake Magic Wands from Baker Ross.

They come in kits with almost everything that you'll need to make them (which I love!) the only thing that we had to add was the glue.  They're so simple to make that the kids hardly need any help, and they come with picture instructions so Ethan was able to follow along and tell me what the next step was.

First there were a few stickers to peel the backs off of and stick onto the middle of the snowflake.  Peeling the backs off is great for their fine motor control.

Next they put some little dots of glue all around their snowflakes, again squeezing the glue is great for strengthening those little hands.

Then they placed a sequin onto each spot of glue around the snowflake.  For the final part they did need a bit of help from me, to put the stick into the snowflake and tie the ribbons onto the stick (but this would be great for older kids to do themselves, would be a fun way to practise tying shoe laces).

We love our snowflake wands, the kids have so much fun running around the house pretending to magically turn everything into snow!

* This is a review post, we were sent the Snowflake Magic Wand Kits from Baker Ross to make and write our honest opinions about.*

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