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Stick Man Story Sack


One of our favourite books at this time of year is Stick Man by Julia Donaldson, it's a fun story as well as having a wintry theme.  So it was the perfect choice for our next story sack as it easily lends itself to play and exploration.

What's in our story sack:
  • Stick Man book
  • a stick that we found with 'arms' and 'legs' that we stuck googly eyes onto
  • a few extra little sticks
  • toy trees
  • a toy dog
  • a toy girl
  • a wooden block 'bridge'
  • a toy swan
  • a toy snowman
  • a toy Santa and sleigh
  • a cotton snow blanket
  • word cards

We started by reading through the story and using the toys as props to play our way through it.  The kids really enjoyed having the different characters in the story play with stick man, for the dog to fetch it and the little girl to play pooh sticks with it under the bridge.  We have a bridge near our house and regularly play pooh sticks, but this would be a good opporunity to explain to other children about how to play the game.

Then when we got to the part with the swan building a nest we used some extra sticks and talked about birds nests and how they collect different materials, including sticks to make their homes.

The story is a great starting point for talk about all sorts of different subjects, and when the snow starts to fall in the story we got to discuss winter and all the changes that it would bring to the forest that Stick Man lives in.  As well as new dangers, including being used as an arm for a snowman!

Then we get to the suspenseful part of the story with Stick Man being used for the fire and the fantastic journey with Santa back to his family!  The kids loved playing through this part of the story.

We then read through the story a second time, focusing on the repetitive language and encouraging the children to join in with the telling of the story and anticipating the next words.  We also had a look at some word cards to identify the words in the story.  I found some really great resources to go along with our Stick Man Story Sack from Twinkl which you can print out if you subscribe to their site, or you could just write out your own words on large pieces of paper to refer to.  

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  1. What a brilliant way to incorporate the story and learning. Very excited about seeing the animation on Christmas Day!

    1. Thanks, and we loved watching it on Christmas, hope you caught it too :)

  2. Story sacks are new idea to me. What a great way to build language!

    1. We love them, such a fun way to play with and extend a story!


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