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Christmas Gifts for a Toddler


This year Ivy will have her second Christmas, and this is the one where kids really start to understand what's going on, and I think she's going to absolutely love it!  It's exciting, but it's not easy to find gifts for her as we already have a lot of the basic toys for her development level that were Ethan's, so we had to go for some creative ideas!

She absolutely loves playing with dolls and loves Frozen, so she has asked Santa for these Frozen Soft Toy Dolls, which I am sure he will bring her, but we wanted to find some different things for her as well.

We love Bibetta bibs, so this Rudolf bib will definitely be in Ivy's stocking so that she will be able to wear it for all of her Christmas meals.  She is still such a messy eater and this bib has the all important pouch that will catch everything that she drops!

This Organix Christmas Selection Box is also ideal for Ivy because she loves to snack, and if I can keep her away from all the other sugary treats that are around on Christmas that will be amazing.  She loves all of the Organix snacks so she will be very happy to have her own little box of them to open.

These Hello Kitty Nametags from My Nametags are adorable and they're perfect because they can go on absolutely everything.  We can put them on Ivy's toys, books and clothes and all of her other Christmas gifts.  She has started bringing different toys with her every time we leave the house lately, so these are definitely going to come in handy!  We are also giving a set away, scroll down to the bottom of the post to enter to win a set!

This Littlelife Butterfly Toddler Daysack may just be the cutest thing that I've ever seen!  As Ivy loves to take toys and snacks out with her this little bag will be perfect for carrying all of her essentials.  And she is going to look absolutely adorable with these little wings!

This Whale Money Bank from Maia Ming Designs is so cute and Ivy absolutely loves animals, so she's going to be so happy opening this up.  It's also going to look really sweet in her bedroom and is a great way for her to start saving money.

We love Galt toys and this Pop Up Toy has always caught my eye, but somehow we've never bought it.  So even though it can be great for babies from a younger age, I know that Ivy is still going to love it.  Whenever we've seen it on play dates or at play groups she has always been drawn to it and become completely engrossed in popping up the little pegs.  It's also going to be a great tool for using in our other games, so I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of it!

This Night Glow Monkey from Go Travel is going to be the perfect addition to long car journeys.  Ivy hates it when it gets dark in the car, which happens a lot more in the winter, so this gives her a fun, cuddly toy to play with as well as a bit of light so that she can see more around her.  

Finally Ivy will be getting this Rose Petal Cottage from DreamTown which she is just going to go absolutely crazy for!  It is like a life sized doll house and she's the doll!  It is a pop up tent with a difference and will definitely provide Ivy with endless possibilities of ways to play!

* This is a review post and also contains affiliate links, we were sent the bib, selection pack, nametags, daysack, money bank, pop up toy, glow toy and cottage to review and write our honest opinions about.*

Enter below to win some Hello Kitty labels from My Nametags for your toddler!

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  1. My daughter's favourite toy as she takes it everywhere and would be devastated if it were lost xx

  2. My daughters new uniform, as she starts big school in January !!

  3. My daughter's coat & nursery bag.

  4. My daughter new Christmas clothes

  5. I'd label my daughter's preschool bag and her spare clothes. She has a new coat for Christmas so would be good to label that.

  6. What a coincidence - my granddaughter's name is Ivy, and I'm entering to win labels for her. The first things I will label will be the smaller items such as hats, mittens and boots, as these are the things that seem to always go astray at nursery.

  7. The Family have loads of camping kit that gets lost.

  8. granddayghters school uniform,cardigans keep going missing


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