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Pie Tin Fireworks Craft


We are counting down the days until New Year's Eve and enjoying spending this time between Christmas and the new year doing lots of fun crafts and activities. We've been saving all of our little pie tins from mince pies over Christmas as I just knew that we would be able to use them for a variety of crafts!  We've already made these bells for ringing in the new year, and now we're onto fireworks!

What you'll need:

We started by poking a small hole in the middle of each of the pie tins, then one by one Ethan chose a pipe cleaner to poke through the hole.  It was a great activity for his fine motor control and he was really determined to get the pipe cleaners through.

We repeated the process with a few more pipe cleaners, Ethan chose each of the colours that he thought would look nice in his firework.

Then we turned the little pie tins over and twisted the pipe cleaners all together and bent them over to secure them in place.

Next we covered the outside of our pie tins with glue and then stuck on as many little gems as we could possibly fit!

Then we left our firework crafts to dry, ready to proudly display as New Year's Eve decorations!

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