2 1/2 years old

Swimming with a Baby and a Toddler


Ethan and Ivy both absolutely love to swim, they are such little water babies, I couldn't keep them away from the water if I tried!  We've taken both swimming since they were tiny babies, and we've always used Huggies Little Swimmers for them in the pool.  So when we were asked to attend a Little Swimmers event, I jumped at the chance!  But of course on the day things just weren't on my side, and we weren't able to make it in the end.  But we did get sent a goody bag to enjoy on our other swimming outings!  

We were so happy to receive lots of lovely things for swimming with Ethan and Ivy, of course there were some Little Swimmers nappies, but also the Little Swimmers Mat, which I hadn't ever seen now, but don't know how we lived without it!  It's non slip and great for changing Ivy at the pool and keeping her dry (I even get Ethan to stand on it when I'm getting him dressed).  They also sent us adorable new swimsuits for Ethan and Ivy from Platypus, an inflatable fish toy, adorable flowery swim caps and lots of other goodies!

We've enjoyed using all of our new swim goodies over the summer, and look forward to lots more fun swimming throughout the autumn and winter before our big holiday next year, when I expect that Ethan will spend the whole time in the pool!  Seeing the two of them in the pool together is so much fun, my favourite moment of our last trip to the swimming pool had to be having them both sitting side by side at the edge of the pool, giggling with anticipation as we counted to 3 before 'jumping' into the water.  I love that this is something that they both enjoy doing so much, and can continue to do as they grow older.  Huggies Little Swimmers have got a campaign about 'Starting a habit that will last a lifetime' which is exactly what we're doing with our two!

* Thanks so much to Huggies for sending us some of their swimming products to try out and to write an honest opinions about. *

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