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Back to School - Paddlepak Review


I absolutely love back to school shopping!  Now Ethan's only in nursery school, so he doesn't need much really, but I did get him some lovely warm autumn clothes and of course he *needed* a new school bag!  The lovely people at Trunki sent us a Shark - Fin Paddlepak to try out as Ethan's new school backpack.

It is a really well made bag, often used as a swim or beach bag, meaning that it's waterproof, which comes in handy for so many reasons!  There is a side compartment to hold a water bottle, so if that happens to leak, it won't get Ethan's change of clothes that is inside the bag wet.  Also, if we've got wet clothes inside the bag (Ethan tends to get very wet and messy while playing at nursery and needs changing to his spare clothes) those clothes won't get Ethan wet through the bag while he wears it home.

Ethan doesn't need to bring a lot to nursery, that's why his bag doesn't look very full, but this bag certainly would fit a lot of stuff if you wanted to!  We put in trousers, a tshirt, undies, socks, tissues, a snack and his water bottle at the side, and it still looked practically empty.  I don't want to overfill it as he's still quite small, but for older children you could definitely fit in a few books, their lunch and a few other necessities.

Ethan's favourite feature has to be the secret compartment in the shark's tail.  This would be a great place to keep a bit of pocket money, but as Ethan' has no need for that, it's the perfect place for an emergency box of raisins too!

Ethan really loves his new Paddlepak, the shark design is really cute and unique, it's comfortable and lightweight for him to carry all the way to and from school and it holds everything he needs.  I love that it's waterproof and easy to wipe clean, makes it easier for me as well!

* This is a review post, Trunki sent us the Paddlepak to try out and to write an honest review about *

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