2 1/2 years old

Play With Your Food - Felt Food!


This week we're not playing with real food, instead we made some food with felt to play with. It was just a really quick activity to fill the time while Ethan's dinner was in the oven and he was hungry and grumpy about it.  

I got out a packet of felt sheets and some scissors, and asked Ethan if he wanted to make a pizza with me!  Of course he said yes, and so I cut out a yellow circle to be the crust.  Then we talked about what could go on our pizza, so I cut out a smaller red circle to be the sauce, then little strips of orange for the cheese, small pink circles for pepperoni, little white strips were butter (I don't know why, but it was his choice!), then some little black strips were the vegetables.

Then we decided to make a felt sandwich to go with it!  White bread shaped pieces to start, then some pink ham, white chicken, yellow cheese slices, a red slice of tomato and slices of cucumber.  Ethan really liked thinking of all of the different ingredients for our food, choosing which colour of felt to use and then telling me what shape to cut out.  Then when we were done he took them all apart and put them back together again.  When he's done playing with them we may glue them all together to keep them, but for now we're having fun putting them together over and over again!

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