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Pom Pom Making


I am very excited to be going to the Handmade Fair this weekend in London.  I love all things crafty but have been finding it difficult to be creative lately (too exhausted!) so I'm looking for some fabulous inspiration to get me motivated again!  I'm a big fan of Kirstie Allsop and love her shows, I think it was her Christmas show last year that she discovered the fabulous pom pom makers that make it much easier to create perfect pom poms.  I've been wanting to get one, but haven't actually seen one in the shops, so today we were making pom poms the old fashioned way to contribute to the shows 'World Pomination' mission to break the world record for pom poms and to raise money for charity.

I had to look for the directions to make a pom pom maker on a cardboard circle, as I'd actually forgotten exactly how it worked, but luckily Pinterest was very helpful and a simple search showed me all I needed to know.  So I cut out some donut shapes out of a cardboard box, got some wool and started Ethan on winding the wool round and round the cardboard.  It was a great exercise for for his fine motor control as he threaded the wool through over and over again.  He did get a bit tired of it though, so his pom pom is not very fluffy, but he's still very proud of it!  He ran around the house with it for ages afterwards, pretending it was a lasso and saying 'yee haw!' (I have no idea why!)  Ivy also loved playing with the pom poms, a fun little sensory experience.

I'm definitely going to pick up a fancy pom pom maker at the Handmade Fair this weekend!  This isn't a review post, as we made those scraggly pom poms all by ourselves, but I have been given a ticket to the Handmade Fair, which will hopefully mean lots of inspiration for future crafty posts!

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