2 1/2 years old

Our Sunday Storybook - Tabby McTat


This week I finally managed to convince Ethan to read a few different books (not the same ones that he's been set on for months!) to read before nap time.  I love reading him a book before nap time, I always have Ivy bouncing around in my lap and grabbing at the pages while he lays in bed and listens to the story.  

Tabby McTat is a lovely book, both Ethan and Ivy are very musical, so they enjoy the little song that's repeated throughout the story.  Ethan also enjoys when the kittens are born, and seems to have learned this week about asking questions about the story to procrastinate having to go to sleep!  He keeps asking me to point things out in the pictures "where's Tabby McTat?" and "where's Samuel Spratt" and my favourite, when he runs out of characters to ask about, he just asks about random things "where's the mew?" he's hilarious!  

*This post contains an affiliate link if you would like to buy Tabby McTat from Amazon, we highly recommend it *

What have you been reading this week?

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