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Play With Your Food - After School Snacks


Ethan goes to nursery 2 mornings a week, and I suppose in some ways I'm lucky, because he is provided a lunch at nursery (although secretly I think that I would like preparing packed lunches for him, but that's probably because I don't actually have to do it!)  But even though he has lunch about half an hour before I pick him up from nursery, the first thing that he asks for as we're walking home from nursery is a snack!  I want to give him something healthy (especially since he also gets pudding after lunch, which is often something really sweet like chocolate cake!) but I also need to be able to give him something easy and quick, and that he can eat while walking home (without slowing us down too much!)  Ethan loves to help prepare his snack bag the evening before, that way he knows exactly what's in there (and he likes to have a lot in there!)

So I turn to snacks from Organix, which we have been giving him since he was old enough to eat them (some are suitable from as young as 7 months, Ivy has already started eating their rice cakes!)  They've got a great campaign going on right now, promoting 'no junk lunch boxes' with lots of great idea for alternative packed lunches to send your children to school with.  The brilliant Gourmet Mum has a list of 10 Healthy Kids' Lunchbox ideas as a part of the 'no junk' mission.  Organix sent us a few snacks to try, the fruit bars were already a favourite, but we hadn't tried the gummies or the crocodiles before, Ethan loved them both and was excited for new after school snacks.  We also got a new snack pot and new water bottle from Oxo Tot to try out, which we are also really liking.  Ethan prefers water cups with a straw, so this one is perfect for him, it doesn't leak and it holds a good amount of water for him (I don't think that he drinks enough at nursery, so he really does need this on the way home.)  And the snack pot is great because it has a lid!  I don't know why the other ones we've tried didn't have lids, but this makes a huge difference, and it means he's not spilling his snacks as we walk down the road, but also that the crumbs aren't getting all over his lunch bag, which I appreciate!

* This has been a review post, Organix sent us a lovely selection of snacks and Oxo Tot sent us the water cup and snack pot, all to try and write an honest review. *

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