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Play With Your Food - Nom Nom Kids Pouches Review


I can't believe that Ivy has been eating solid foods for over a month now, time is flying by!  She's doing really well, happy to eat everything that I've given her so far and getting better at eating properly (not sticking her tongue out as much!)  I make all of her food at home in big batches and then freeze it in small portions to give to her each day.  But when we're out, it can sometimes be a pain to take a frozen pot of food out, so we often buy a pouch of organic puréed food.  Now, we are very lucky because the pouches that we buy do have very good quality food in them, so I don't worry about giving them to Ivy once in a while, but it can get a bit expensive if you're doing it all the time.  As we seem to be having lunch on the go more and more lately, I decided to try out these reusable pouches from Nom Nom Kids.  They sent us a Weaning Kit containing 10 pouches, 15 lids and a wipe able pen.  It's funny how much things change, because I don't think that reusable pouches existed even 2 years ago when I first started feeding Ethan, but now they're everywhere!  I like these ones because you don't need some sort of big contraption to fill them, you just have pouches and lids.  The side of the pouch opens (like a sandwich bag) you spoon in the purée or smoothie and then seal it up and you're done.

I made a few big batches of food (with Ethan's help of course, he's getting very good at chopping up fruit and vegetables for Ivy!) and then filled up some pouches for Ivy.  The weaning set comes with a pen as well, so I just write down what's in the pouch and the date and then pop the pouches in the freezer, ready for Ivy's lunches.  

I tried them out a few times this week, and these pouches are just as easy to use as the filled ones.  I didn't have any issues with them, not one bit of food leaked out.  Ivy loves the colourful packaging and was more than happy to have these for her lunch.  I even tried making some smoothies for Ethan and putting them in the pouches, and they work great as well.  The only downside is that you have to wash the pouches yourself, and you do want to make sure that you get them really clean to avoid getting any bacteria in them.  But they can be washed in the dishwasher and sterilised in a liquid solution to get them extra clean.  Overall we are really liking them, I haven't done the math but I'm positive that the amount that I've spent on some nice organic fruit and veggies is less than the cost of the 10 pouches that I filled would have cost from the shop!

* This is a review post and contains an affiliate link, Nom Nom Kids sent us their Weaning Kit to try out and write an honest review *

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