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Play With Your Food - Halloween Snacks


We were challenged by Primula to come up with some fun recipes using their new Primula Kids Cheese, and as Halloween is fast approaching, I decided to give some fun Halloween snacks a try!  We always end up with so many sweet treats at Halloween that this is a great opportunity to make something fun and healthy to fill the kiddies up before they go trick or treating, or for a Halloween party.

First we made some Halloween pumpkin faces on crackers.  I got some nice round cheddar cheese crackers that are a nice orange colour, and we used the Primula to make their faces.  Ethan loved that he could squeeze the cheese all by himself to make a face, telling me that his pumpkin needed a mouth, eyes and a nose.  

Next we made Halloween ghosts using celery sticks, Primula cheese and raisins (for the eyes).  I washed and sliced the celery into small pieces, rounding off the top as much as possible to make the head of the ghost.  I also use a vegetable peeler along the back of the celery to take the stringy bits off, so they then don't get stuck in Ethan's teeth and he's more likely to eat them!  Ethan squeezed the Primula along the length of the celery and added the raisins for the eyes.  Boo!

Then we made a Halloween skeleton, with bones made out of bread sticks.  We used both the mini bread sticks (head, arms and legs) and the long bread sticks (body).  I laid them out for Ethan and we squeezed the cheese onto them together.  This one was a bit trickier for Ethan to do as the bread sticks kept rolling away, but he kept at it and made a cute little skeleton!

And finally, we made a Halloween spider!  I couldn't think of anything black that Ethan would like to eat, so we went for an orange spider instead!  I used a small orange bowl as the body and we filled it with Primula Kids Cheese as a dip, then sliced up an orange pepper to be the spiders legs.  Ethan counted them out for me as I put the spiders legs into the bowl, then happily dipped away to eat his yummy snack.

It really is amazing how many ways you can use Primula Kids Cheese to make yummy, healthy snacks.  

* This post is for the Primula Kids Blogger Challenge, we were given a few tubes of Primula Kids Cheese in order to come up with some fun recipes and share them with everyone. *

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