2 1/2 years old

Octonauts Pom Poms


Party planning for Ethan's third birthday Octonauts extravaganza has made me completely Octonauts obsessed!  So after last weeks experiment with making pom poms with a cardboard ring, I now have a fantastic little pom pom maker and just want to make everything a pom pom!  So here is our first attempt at character pom poms, we made Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso and Ethan loves playing with them already.

Pom pom maker
White wool
Black wool
Orange wool
Felt pieces - blue, black, white, orange and yellow

Barnacles and Kwazii were easy as they are just one colour, and for Peso I wrapped the pom pom maker with about 3/4 black wool and 1/4 white wool for his face.  Ethan helped to wrap the pom pom maker for Barnacles (his favourite) it was much easier than the cardboard circle method for him to do, and he loved playing with the pom pom maker!

Next I got out the felt and cut out some of the features of the Octonauts.  I did this quickly, so ours are a bit rough, but with a bit of time and attention to detail I think that these little guys could look fantastic.  Another option would be to find pictures of their hats online and print them out on card to stick on, so that you have the Octonauts symbol on there as well.

For Barnacles I made his hat, ears, eyes and nose, all of which Ethan carefully stuck on in the right place to make the Captain look just right!

Then for Kwazii I cut out his hat, ears, nose, one eye and one eye patch for Ethan to stick on (and then of course to say 'Shiver me whiskers!')

And finally for Peso, my personal favourite, I cut out a cute little hat, eyes and a beak for Ethan to stick on.  Then we left them all to dry for a little while before Ethan started to play with them and take them on undersea adventures!

* This post contains affiliate links, if you are interested in buying a pom pom maker from Amazon please do click through the link, we get a small percentage of the sales made through this link, which then goes towards the running of Play & Learn Everyday, and keeping us in craft supplies. *

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  1. Have just seen these on Pinterest. What a fab idea, my son loves Octonauts and will think these are just fab!


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