22 months old

Making Pizza


Today we made pizzas for dinner! It's so wonderful that now Ethan can be a part of the whole cooking process.  All of that mixing of ingredients and seeing his finished product is great for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he watches his creation through it's whole process.

Ethan and his Daddy made the pizzas together today, I think it was a fun experience for both of them as Ethan usually does these things with me.  Ethan helped to make the dough, mixing and adding ingredients to the bowl.  Then he kneaded the dough, and finally he got to add of the toppings that he wanted to his pizza.  Unsurprisingly Ethan ended up with a lot of toppings on his pizza!  He loved it though, and he was able to watch his pizza cook in the oven and see it come out and onto his plate.  Too bad he had a tantrum at dinner time and didn't actually want to sit in his chair and eat...you never can tell with toddlers, lol ;)

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  1. How wonderful is that that he is making pizza so young - am sure it will make a big difference as he gets older.

  2. I love letting Sophie help to bake and cook - I think its good to get them interested in food preparation from a young age


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