22 months old

Berry Picking at Garson's Farm


Today we went to Garson's Farm to pick berries!  They had all sorts of fruit and vegetables available to pick, but we went for raspberries, blackberries and strawberries (all of Ethan's favourites!)  It's a fantastic thing to do on a nice day, and we love Garson's!  We've been two years in a row to pick our Halloween pumpkins, but this is the first time that we went to pick anything else.  They've also got a lovely shop, restaurant and farm shop.  So even though it's a bit of a drive for us, we manage to make a day of it.  The berry picking was fantastic, great for Ethan's Knowledge and Understanding of the World to see where the food he eats comes from.

Ethan absolutely loved it!  He was so happy carrying his little basket through the rows, at first he was picking the green berries, but after I told him that we were just looking for the red raspberries he really seemed to get the hang of it and pick only those.  We saw a frog and lots of different insects along the way, which Ethan also found fascinating.  Once we'd finished with the raspberries, our biggest problem was trying to persuade Ethan to come with us to the next set of berries.  He had a major tantrum about having to go back to the car to drive to the blackberry area!  Of course once we got there he had fun hunting for blackberries, and then onto the strawberries!  He was hilarious amongst the strawberries, as he then seemed to decide that the ones off the ground were good enough to put in his basket.  It was so fun to watch him happily running around.  At the end of the day we only spent about £5 on all of the berries we picked (we put Ethan's back on the ground where he found them!) A great price for a fantastic day out :) 

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