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Kool Aid Play Dough


Today we made the best play dough ever!!!  I promise you, this is better than any play dough I have ever made.  The tricky part for those of us in the UK is that it includes Kool Aid (lucky for me, my sister in law brought some over from New York) but you can order it from Amazon (affiliate link).

Kool Aid Play Dough

Mix together:
1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1-2 packs of Kool Aid
(we used 2 as it made a stronger colour and scent,
the flavour we used is Tropical Punch)

1 cup boiling water
1 tsp oil

Squish it all together to make a nice smooth
play dough.
(Careful, it will be hot)

The play dough turned out so well, with a lovely smell and feel to it.  It actually springs back like store bought play dough.  We absolutely love playing with dough, it's great for Ethan's Physical Development as it helps with his fine motor skills in squishing and forming the dough into little balls and shapes.

As expected, Ethan loved this play dough just as much as I did.  The only problem is that it really does smell good enough to eat, so of course he had to have a little taste.  Definitely not the kind of activity where I can leave him unattended!  He had great fun and played with it for ages, he's even trying to use the rolling pin and cutters by himself now.

* Update: You can now sometimes find Kool Aid in the 'World Foods' section at Tesco, and it isn't very expensive at all, time to make more play dough! *

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