22 months old

Going to a Party


Today we went to a friend  of Ethan's second birthday party!  The party was at Gymboree, we used to go to classes there but haven't for a few months.  It was interesting to see Ethan at at a session after all of this time.  Of course Gymboree is great for Physical Development with all of the climbing, balancing and manoeuvring  but I was mostly interested today in Ethan's Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he remembered the different routines at Gymboree and interacted with the other children at a party.

Before the party Ethan was very excited, all week he's seen the present sitting on the shelf and kept saying 'Emily, Emily!' then today I told him where we were going and he was saying 'Emily party!' all the way there.  At the party it was really interesting to watch as Ethan seemed to slowly remember all of the songs and activities that he used to do.  He was so well behaved, listening to the Gymboree leader and taking part in all of the activities.  He was also really cute when it came time to sit down and eat, he stayed in his seat and politely ate his sandwiches. We were amazed, but he just seemed to happy to sit and eat and watch the other children.  He said a nice goodbye to the birthday girl (and waited until we got home to have a tantrum, lol).

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