22 months old

Making Coloured Rice


I have been meaning to make coloured rice for ages, but had somehow convinced myself that it was really difficult.  Today I had a proper look around at all of the best crafty Mommy blogs, looked at all of the different methods of colouring rice and just had a try.  Different methods include using food colouring or Kool Aid for the colour (we went for Kool Aid, as we have some and for the fantastic smell!) and using water, vinegar or rubbing alcohol to spread the colour around.  (Vinegar and rubbing alcohol are said to help prolong the life of the rice and the alcohol can also help it dry faster).  We used a combination of these ideas (and what we had in the cupboards) to make our rice.

Making Coloured Rice

  • put 1 packet of Kool Aid into a resealable plastic bag (we used Tropical Punch flavour)
  • add 1/2 tsp of vinegar
  • seal and shake bag to dissolve Kool Aid
  • open bag and add 1 cup of rice
  • seal and shake bag to spread the colour around
  • cover a tray with greaseproof / baking / wax paper and spread rice over the tray
  • leave to dry for 6 - 8 hours
  • separate rice and play!

  • I decided to have Ethan help me make the rice today and then we can play with it tomorrow. He very helpfully held open the bag as I put the Kool Aid and vinegar in and then came his job, the shaking!  He needed a little bit of help to fully mix the powder and liquid, but after adding the rice he really got to do his shaking!  We then poured it out onto the tray together, looking forward to it drying quickly so we can play tomorrow :)

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