22 months old

Interacting and Pretend Play at the Playground


Today we went to a different playground to our usual ones.  This one has a sort of counter where some of the older children were playing 'shop'.  Ethan was very intrigued by this, and he approached them to watch what they were doing.  I was very glad to see this, as Ethan rarely interacts with children that he doesn't know, and it's wonderful for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Ethan watched them intently, sometimes they would try to interact with him, but he didn't say anything. Unfortunately, some of the children decided to blame Ethan for an imaginary crime, and then one took Ethan's hat and threw it! Another child picked it up and put it back on him though.  When those children left Ethan took me back over to the counter and he played pretend cooking, which was very sweet. This time an older boy came to join him, but then picked up some of the pine needles and started poking Ethan in the face with them!  Luckily Ethan was not phased by this either, but I decided it was time to go home.

It's really difficult isn't it, you try so hard to teach your child how to play nicely and give them these opportunities for interaction, but you just never know how other children will behave!

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