22 months old

Car Rides on the Southbank


Today we met up with a friend on the Southbank in London and happened to find a few little fair rides.  Well, of course, Ethan saw the cars straight away and just had to have a ride (how could I say no?)  The cute little cars have steering wheels in them that Ethan could twist and turn, great for his Physical Development.

Ethan loved it!  Before he went on I asked him which car he would like to go in, and he said 'blue' so then he had his turn, huge smiles all the way around, waving when he went past us each time and just the happiest little boy.  When it was over and I took him out of the car, he pointed to the next one and said 'red!'  Lol, I'm sure that he would have happily had a turn in each of the colours of cars!

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