18 months old

The Freeze Dance


Today we played the freeze dance game.  We actually spent most of the day outside as it was beautiful and sunny all day.  It is St George's Day in England, so we were going to make a shield with the St George's cross, but it was just too lovely out for crafting inside, maybe next year!  But while we were home having dinner, Ethan started to play the freeze game that we play at Gymboree, he was tapping the table and then putting his hands on his head and giggling like crazy!  He's been loving playing this in our Gymboree classes lately, so I decided to have a little search for the song they use, and I found it!  It's called The Freeze by Greg & Steve and it's on their CD Kids in Motion.

It was so much fun to watch Ethan the first time that the song came on, he just started tapping right away and then put his hands on his head!  Such a fantastic activity to help develop Ethan's listening skills, his Physical Development as he moves in different ways and his Creative Development dancing to the music.  We'll definitely be looking for some more movement songs in the coming weeks to get Ethan dancing :)

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