18 months old

Cardboard Box Bus


Today we made a cardboard box bus!  Ethan absolutely loves buses, and as it's Earth Day today we thought it would be good to reuse some materials to make him a bus.  We've always got loads of boxes around, (due to all of our Amazon orders :) and we had some scrap paper and paper plates that we could use as well.

Ethan worked with Daddy to build the bus with tape and to put the steering wheel and wheels on (with paper plates and split pins) and then Ethan and I decorated the bus.  We used scrap sugar / construction paper cut into small squares for the bottom of the bus, gluing them on overlapping each other.  This was easy for Ethan to do as he could stick the squares on anywhere and it would look lovely.  We then used red paint along the top section of the bus, and stuck on squares of yellow paper for the windows.  We've also now found some stickers of our favourite characters and stuck them in the windows.  Ethan enjoyed making the bus, it was his first time working on such a big project and he seemed to really like sticking and painting on such a large surface.  A great activity for his Creative Development as he was part of a big project from start to finish.  And of course he now has this fun bus to play in, with a steering wheel that he can happily spin around!  We also sing 'The Wheels on the Bus' as he's playing in it (we just need a horn!)

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