18 months old

Spitalfields City Farm


Today we were out and about in London and looking for somewhere nice to let Ethan run around and have some time out of his stroller to stretch his legs.  We were lucky enough to find Spitalfields City Farm!  It's a lovely little farm with plenty of animals to look at, and it really is in the middle of the city!

Ethan loved the space to walk around and looking at the animals.  One of the staff had a sheep out for the children to pat, we also saw ducks, chickens, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, donkeys, pigs and a pony!  Ethan ran from one enclosure to the next, stopping to watch the animals and to try to say their names (he can say 'duck' but most of the others he called 'dog dog').  It was a great opportunity to teach him the names of the other animals and the sounds that they make.  A true Knowledge and Understanding of the World experience with real live animals.

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