18 months old

Baby Basketball


Lately Ethan has been throwing a lot, he picks up any ball he sees and throws it.  So today I decided to practice throwing with him and see if he could throw with a purpose.  We got out the basket full of balls, emptied it out and threw them one by one back into the basket, in our own little game of basketball.

Ethan was so excited to play this game!  It took quite a while to get him to understand, he kept walking up to the basket and placing the balls back in (basically tidying up the balls).  I had to tell him quite a few times to stand back and throw the ball into the basket.  I also wanted to work on his language, so I said '1, 2, 3, throw!' before throwing each ball and 'ball' whenever he brought me a ball.  This is definitely something that we can continue to work on, as he had so much fun playing, but didn't really get the game at all!  A great activity for his Physical Development either way, as he learns to throw the balls at a target.

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