18 months old

Elevator Buttons


I found this brilliant idea on Pinterest from Toddler Approved for Pressing the Buttons - Homemade Elevator Activity, so we decided to give it a try.  At first I had Ethan help me to make it, but he kept pulling the 'buttons' off as I was sticking them on.  So I made it and then let him play with it instead!  I put a lot of glue on the back of each 'button' and then put glue all around each one as well to make them stay on really securely.

Ethan loves pressing the buttons!  I've stuck it up on the wall and he keeps going back to it and pressing different buttons.  I tell him which number each one is, just as some extra number language for him to hear.  He is absolutely loving it, it will be interesting to see if he's made the connection and will try to press buttons the next time we're in a real lift / elevator.  He really is starting to make connections between play and real activities, all part of his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

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