18 months old

Easter Books for Toddlers


Leading up to Easter we have been reading Spot's First Easter, which Ethan got as a present from his Nana last Easter.  It's so much fun because he's actually able to lift the little flaps now (up until now he's mostly enjoyed books with big flaps like the Peekaboo books). He's been bringing us Spot's First Easter to read everyday now, I think we're going to have to get more Spot books! 

Ethan got 2 Easter books in his Easter basket; The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Easter Bunny Flap Book.  And then he got 2 more Easter books in the post from Nana; Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt and Peter Rabbit Easter Surprise.  It's not hard to tell that Ethan is going through a real phase of loving books, and we're definitely encouraging it!  

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