18 months old

Bounce, Bounce, Jump!


Today we made up a game to play, which we've called 'Bounce, Bounce, Jump'.  Ethan doesn't say many words yet, so what we're working on now is lots of repetition and lots of praise when Ethan makes an effort to say any words.  He was bouncing around on the couch today and I was sitting on the floor, and we made it into a game in which he would bounce, bounce, bounce closer to the edge of the couch and then jump into my arms.  He found it absolutely hilarious and I was able to encourage him to say 3 words repetitively; bounce, jump and again.  Hopefully with all of this encouragement we'll get a few new words soon.  I'm not concerned, but it would be helpful and of course it is good to develop his Communication, Language and Literacy skills.  I would love any suggestions of fun games to play to help develop language further.

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