18 months old

London Car Set


Today our new London car set arrived in the post!  A friend of Ethan's has this set, and he was always taking her cars to play with, so we decided to get him his own set.  It does say that it's for ages 3 and up, so we will be careful that he doesn't break off any small parts and swallow them, but they do seem quite safe for him to play with at 18 months old.

He absolutely loves them, especially the bus!  He is absolutely obsessed with buses at the moment, and as we live in London, he sees a lot of them!  So walking down the street he's often pointing to the buses and shouting 'buh!' (his word for bus).  These are great because they're a lot smaller than most of his other cars, so easy to carry around with us, and perfect for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he is starting to make the connections between real things and toys / pictures of things.  

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