14 months old

Snow Dough Play


It was a messy one today!  We played with snow dough for the first time, and absolutely loved it.  You need to be ready with a mess mat and wipes for clean up, but it is so worth it for all of the sensory fun!

Snow Dough

  • 2 cups corn starch / corn flour
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • silver glitter
Mix all of the ingredients together, you may have to add a bit more corn flour or oil, you'll know that you've got the texture right when it feels crunchy like real snow, when you can make it into snowballs and when it crumbles apart.  Then you're ready to play!

Ethan absolutely loved it!  The face he made when he first touched it was priceless.  He was using little shovels from our sand toys to shovel the snow and move it around the tray and moving the Happyland Christmas characters around in the snow.  I made him some snow balls which he squished between his fingers and then of course he picked the snow up and sprinkled it around!  This was a fantastic sensory activity as Ethan was developing his Knowledge and Understanding of the World by using all of his senses to explore this very new and different material.

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