14 months old

Christmas - Advent Calendars


It's finally December!!!  We are very excited, and we finally got to start our advent calendars today!  Ethan is still a bit young for chocolates, so we bought him a wooden one with little doors that we can put healthy treats in.  I also found a great design on Pinterest for a Santa's Beard Christmas Countdown which we'll add a cotton ball to everyday until Christmas.

Ethan was so excited when I put the wooden advent calendar in front of him!  He sat for ages opening and closing all of the little doors.  He was also very interested in the cotton balls for Santa's beard (and wanted to pull it back off after we had stuck the first one on!)  These are both great activities for his Physical Development as they help him to refine his fine motor control.  And as with all of our Christmas activities, they are a part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he learns about holidays and celebrations.

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