14 months old

Christmas Drinks Sensory Box


Today we played with Ethan's Christmas Drinks Sensory Box.  I'm still making his sensory boxes with edible bases, as he still sometimes decides to try to eat things, so for this one I used oatmeal scented with peppermint and added some red babyccino cups from Starbucks, a Christmas cup, a green spoon, some little green cups and a Christmas tree ice cube tray.

It was wonderful watching Ethan play with this sensory box, we haven't had one since Halloween and it's incredible how much he's changed since then.  He wasn't just taking things in and out of the box but actually using them.  Stirring with the spoon and scooping up the oatmeal with the cups.  He was also feeling the oatmeal and I was encouraging him to smell it as well.  This all helps him develop his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he uses all of his senses and imitates the actions that he has seen other people do.

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