14 months old

12 Books of Christmas


Today is a very exciting day for us as it is the first day of the 12 Books of Christmas!  Again this is a Pinterest idea that I don't quite know who to give credit to.  I was looking for advent calendar ideas and Christmas traditions and came across the idea of giving books every night leading up to Christmas.  I decided just to do it for the 12 nights leading up to Christmas Eve and to put them under a special little tree just by Ethan's bookshelf.  We'll unwrap each book before his bath time and read each book before bed.

The first part that was very exciting was this adorable little tree!  Ethan spent ages playing with all of the little ornaments, but then we finally got down to unwrapping the first book!  Ethan is very good at unwrapping now and takes off little pieces and tosses them aside, it's adorable!  The book he got tonight is a pop up book called Santa's Workshop.  His Daddy read him the book before his bath and I read it to him again after his bath.  Ethan loves hearing stories, and it helps develop his Communication, Language and Literacy as he learns to appreciate books and reading.  This activity is also a part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he learns about Christmas traditions.

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