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Where Do I Live Game - Review


We have been home a lot lately as the weather hasn't been very nice and the kids haven't been feeling very well, so we were so excited to get a brand new game from Orchard Toys to keep us busy!  It's called Where Do I Live and it's a great game that we can all play together.

It's a lotto game, so the main object is to fill your board with all of the missing pieces.  The fun part is that each board has a different theme / habitat and all of the animals and the explorer match that habitat.  There are four different boards; the rainforest, the ocean, the desert and the polar regions.  Each player chooses a board and then you turn over all of the cards in the middle, taking turns to choose a card and match it to your board.

I love Orchard Toys games as there are always ways to adapt the games for children of different ages.  When I play just with Ethan I can really emphasise turn taking and playing fairly, but when we play with Ivy, as she's only just turned two, we just turn over lots of cards and pass them to the person who has it on their board.  We still have lots of fun and no one worries about playing it wrong!

It's great for Ethan as he is learning about the different habitats and which animals belong in which place, and for Ivy as she is learning to say the names of a variety of different animals.  There were a few that she hadn't come across before, so we were adding to her vocabulary.

Once you've played the game you'll also find that there is lots of information about each of the four habitats on the back of each board.  It's really nice to then sit down and read about each of the places and learn more about them.

It really is the perfect game to sit down and play with the whole family, and ideal for rainy days at home!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Where Do I Live game from Orchard Toys to play with and write our honest opinions about.*

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