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Camping Imaginative Play


One of Ethan's favourite things to play is camping, he absolutely loves every aspect of it, so of course Ivy loves it as well.  They're both very into imaginative play, which I absolutely love, and all it takes is a few props to get them started, and they soon become fully imersed in their little world and can play really nicely for ages.

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What you'll need:

To get started I ask the children what they'll need to go camping, this is easily Ethan's favourite part as he loves to pack bags full of things!  So he'll go around picking things up that they'll need, like the Camp Out set, play food, blankets, sleeping bag, pillows, books and all sorts.  Then he'll pretend to load up the car and drive to the camp site.  Then he unloads everything and puts up the tent, filling it will all of his things.

Next we play with the Camp Out set, it's got everything we need for a camp fire (the logs fit in together and the flame slides in the top, so it's easy for little ones to assemble and pretend to build the fire).  Then we roast hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire, I love that there are little holes in the food that fit onto the toasting fork to make it realistic (and it's great for their fine motor skills!)  Then we make s'mores and pretend to eat them all by the fire.

We can play with the lantern inside the dark tent because it glows in the dark, which is another exciting feature for the kids as they love everything that glows!  Then everything fits back in the bag that the Camp Out set came with perfectly, ready to play with again next time.

We even bring our Camp Out set out into the garden and pretend to camp outside.  It's such a great set for imaginative play.  Ethan and Ivy then go on adventures while they're camping, then set out their sleeping bags and pretend to sleep in the tent (which only lasts about a minute!) then one of them shouts, the sun is up!  And they start their day with the camp fire all over again.

We are having loads of fun playing camping, now it won't be long until they start asking to go camping for real!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the New Sprouts Camp Out set from Learning Resources to play with and write our honest opinions about.*

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