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Mother's Day Crafts


Once a year I hand the blog over to my husband, as it's his turn to get crafty with the kids!  He's very lucky though, because we get some fantastic craft kits and supplies from Baker Ross for him to use, which makes it a lot easier.

So I'm not peeking at these lovely photos at all, but I've been told that Ethan and Ivy have made me some lovely Mother's Day Make a Face cards, which they've decorated all by themselves using markers and paint!  Daddy learned an important lesson today, that when you get out the mess mat it means paint is coming too!  And when you get the paint out, it means that Ivy is going to paint her hands and expect to do some finger painting!

They've also decorated some Heart Colour-In Mini Gift Bags for me, I wonder what they'll put inside?  I'm sure that I can come up with some suggestions!

I love how excited the kids get about making crafts and especially when it's something to give to someone, they were absolutely bursting to give these to me straight away!  I just can't wait until Mother's Day!

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* This is a review post and also contains affiliate links, we were sent crafts from Baker Ross to make and write our honest opinions about.*

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