2 years old

Making Patterns with Building Blocks


Ivy is just learning to identify colours and shapes, so we are helping her by playing with building blocks, one of her favourite toys.  She mostly likes to make towers and knock them down, but we're extending her learning today by making patterns with the blocks.

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I set out lots of colourful wooden building blocks for Ivy and let her have fun stacking and exploring on her own to begin with.

Then I started to ask her to pass me a specific colour or shape of block, and helping her to find it if she couldn't identify it herself.

Once she got the hang of it I asked her to help me to line up the shapes together.  We started to make a big pattern, lining up all of the blocks of the same colour one way and the same shapes going down.  Ivy didn't realise that we were making this and was quite impressed to see it all when we were done (and promptly mess it all up to start again!)

We had lots of fun making patterns together and when Ethan got home from preschool he joined in on the fun and helped to teach Ivy colours and shapes as well.  She loves listening to him!

This post is part of a blog hop about Tools for Learning, this week we're all looking at different ways of using building blocks for learning activities.

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  1. What a fantastic activity for two different aged children :)

    1. I love when we find something that they can both play together :)


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