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Rainbow Pasta Threading


We love playing with colourful materials and now that it's almost spring there's lots of talk or rainbows, so I decided to try making rainbow coloured pasta for the kids to play with!  I chose penne pasta so that we could do this first activity of threading the pasta, but you will see it come up in a few future activities as well!

What you'll need:
  • penne pasta
  • red, yellow and blue paint
  • zip plastic bags
  • string
  • pipe cleaners

The first step was to colour the pasta, in the past I have always using food colouring to do this (like with this rainbow rice) and it has turned out ok and I actually started out with food colouring today, but the colours just weren't coming out vibrant enough, so I decided to try the paint method instead, and it worked so well!

I simply split the bag of penne pasta into six different plastic zip top bags then added a squirt of the required paint into the bag, sealed it up and shook it.  Ethan loved helping with this, especially when it came to mixing colours to make the orange, green and purple.  He loved guessing what colour it was going to be and seeing it come together right there in the bag.

Then I lay the pasta out to dry overnight on greaseproof paper, shaking it around to prevent it from sticking together too much.

The next day it was ready to play with.  I put a selection of colours into little bowls for each of the children to do some threading with.  As Ivy is just two I gave her a pipe cleaner to thread her pasta onto, which made it a lot easier for her as it wasn't moving around too much.

She loved doing it and sat very focused putting each piece of pasta onto the pipe cleaner.  Once it was full I asked her if she wanted to make a bracelet and she was so excited to put it onto her wrist!

As Ethan is four he was able to use a string for his threading, and managed to put so many pieces of pasta on really quickly.  It's incredible how much his fine motor control has improved as he used to really struggle with activities like this.

He was also very proud of his creation and happily wore it as a necklace for the rest of the day!

We can't wait to play with our rainbow pasta again!

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