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Valentine Pet Photo Frames


We're making adorable pet photo frames for Valentine's Day.  They're perfect for kids of any age to make and they can add a photo or drawing to personalise them.

We love craft kits from Baker Ross, on busy days they are the perfect choice to keep the kids busy and can even come out with us to restaurants and visits as they have everything you need right in the pack.

These packs are individually packed so that each child can get their own little packet with everything that they need.  Ethan and Ivy each chose their own little animal that they wanted to make.

Then they simply had to peel the backs off the foam stickers and follow the instructions that come with the kit to create their pet photo frames.

Ethan followed the directions carefully and precisely while Ivy just happily stuck her stickers everywhere!  Even the googly eyes had peel off backs to stick them on to make the whole craft really easy.

The last step was to stick a magnet on the back, then our photo frames are ready to have a photo or drawing put inside and be proudly displayed on the fridge, or sent off to family and friends in their Valentine's Day card.

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* This is a review post, we were sent these photo frame kits from Baker Ross to make and write our honest opinions about.*

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