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Twirlywoos Run Along Toy Review


We have been having lots of fun playing with our new Twirlywoos Run Along toy this week! It could not have come at a better time as we spent most of the week at home waiting for Ethan's chicken pox to clear up and for Ivy's to start!

All that time indoors definitely requires a lot of toys, and a toy that can keep the kids entertained and encourage them to be active is always a bonus!  Especially when it's so cute and easy to use, you just press on the Twirlywoo's hand to make him run along and make his silly sounds.

Ethan and Ivy both like to watch this little Twirlywoo Run Along toy as he scuttles across the floor making funny little sounds.  It makes them laugh to watch him (which of course makes me laugh as well!)

Then they started trying to chase Chick around and imitate the way that he runs and the sounds that he makes, which is even funnier!  It got them up and moving around, and even on rainy days when we couldn't get into the garden for a run around it was the perfect way to get some exercise in the house (and have lots of fun while they did it!)

The Twirlywoo Run Along toys are also great because of the shape of a Twirlywoo with it's big tummy it's nice and cushy over the battery pack inside (which is of course necessary to make it run and make noises).  This means that even though it is a battery powered toy it isn't hard, and is actually quite nice and snuggly for when we are sitting down and having a rest (and watching Twirlywoos on TV!)

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*This is a review post, we were sent the Twirlywoos Run Along toy from Golden Bear to play with and write our honest opinions about*

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