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Easter Nest Craft


Today we made Easter nests using all sorts of different materials weaved together.  It was lots of fun to make and to collect everything that we were using, and a great opportunity to talk about real birds' nests and how they make them.

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What you'll need:

We started by collecting some sticks and twigs from around the garden and arranged these into a nest pattern on our paper plates.  The paper plates are not a part of the craft, but they were a helpful guide for the shape and size of the nest as well as protecting the ground from the glue.

We used this fantastic Bostik Fast Tak that we were sent as part of our monthly Bostik Bloggers box of goodies.  It's amazing as it really does stick anything together!  However, it is a spray so it can get everywhere.  That's why we made our nests outside and made sure to protect the ground by spraying onto the paper plate.  I also did all of the spraying myself, as much as Ethan wanted to help this is a very strong glue so it's not one for kids to use.

After spraying the sticks together with the Fast Tak I just started adding more and more to our nest in layers.  Ethan brought me all of the materials and I piled on more sticks, then wrapped some pipe cleaners around our nest as well.  Then I added the raffia around the whole nest and sprayed that with the glue next, incredibly it all stayed in place almost instantly, and then I was able to mould it even more into shape once it had been glued.

Then we added some colourful feathers in our next and put the shredded paper into the middle.  Ethan was able to help with this part and I did the gluing after he had stepped away.

Finally we placed one little chick and a few glittery eggs in the nest and it was ready.  The kids loved putting the finishing touches on the nest, and I haven't glued these down so that they can play with them and move them around if they like.

The glue dried so quickly our nest was quite sturdy almost straight away.  I had to take it off the plate so that it wouldn't stick there, and placed it on a plastic tray to finish drying.  It looks incredible, like it's stuck together by magic, I am so impressed!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of craft supplies and Bostik products from Bostik in order to write this post.*

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  1. What a fun craft! The nest came out great. Thanks for allowing me to share in my Easter Roundup!


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