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A Day at Legoland with Toddlers


We have been to Legoland (affiliate link) a couple of times now and we absolutely love it!  After the first time that we went I wrote about How to Prepare for a Fun Day at Legoland Windsor and all that preparation really did help us to get the most out of our day with two young children.

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When we first looked into going to Legoland we worried that maybe Ethan and Ivy were too young, but that was completely wrong.  We found from a little bit of research on their website that there would definitely be enough for both of the children to do, even Ivy at only 18 months old.

Both of the children happily played together in the Brickville playground and in the water play Splash Safari as it was a really warm day.  They also both loved seeing all of the Lego creations in Miniville.  Ivy was even able to come with us on a few rides, including the Coastguard HQ boat ride, the Atlantis Submarine Voyage ride (which she absolutely loved, seeing all of those fish underwater), the Heartlake Express train ride and the Desert Chase carousel.  Of course there were a few rides that Ethan could go on but Ivy couldn't, but Ivy napped during those times or we took her for walks around to look at all of the Lego creations.

For our second visit we went during in October during Brick or Treat, Legoland's Halloween event.  This meant even more fun things happening around the park.  We had so much fun doing all of the rides and playing as well as exploring all of the Brick or Treat themed fun, building Lego pumpkins 

We also loved Brick or Treat because Legoland stayed open late and there were fireworks!  I made the kids special glow in the dark necklaces, by using a glow stick and Lego luggage tags that I threaded on a long cord for each of them.  They loved them and it helped to light the way for them when it got dark.  We also got each of them some special 3D glasses to watch the fireworks that made the exploding fireworks look like Lego bricks.  We also got to go on the rides after dark which was amazing!  

We can't wait until Legoland opens up again this year so we can go back and have more fun!

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*This post is our entry to become an official Legoland Blogger, written in order to show how much we love Legoland, all opinions are my own.*

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