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Rainbow Fish Story Sack


If you've ever read the story of the Rainbow Fish to your children you'll know that it's one that can be explored and discussed so much further than the short story on those pages. There's so much to discover about sharing and friendship and confidence that a story sack is the perfect way to delve deeper.

In our story sack:

  • The Rainbow Fish book
  • a large fish soft toy
  • a starfish puppet
  • an octopus puppet
  • small fish finger puppets
  • shiny scales with key words on the back
We've made a really simple story sack that will help us to re-enact the story as well as explore it further and look at some of the words in the story.  The children can use the puppets to act out the story and then to extend the story and talk about what might happen next and how each of the characters are feeling.

As Ethan is learning to read I have also written a few of the key words from the story on the back of the shiny scales for Ethan to recognise.  I have just chosen the words 'rainbow', 'fish' and 'scales' as I didn't want to overwhelm Ethan with too many words.

This has really been a great opportunity to talk about sharing and brings up some interesting questions about happiness and envy.  We started to question if maybe the little blue fish was wrong to ask for one of the Rainbow Fish's scales as we often let our friends play with our toys but don't give them away and it's definitely made us look at the story with different views.

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